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  1. You decide on an occasion and a location, get permits if needed etc. 

  2. We work out details such as date, time, color scheme, add-ons etc. and come to an emailed agreement!  

  3. Retainer payment is made to secure date. 

  4. We stay in touch and I may ask for a little bit of information to help me make this extra special for you.

  5. I show at the site about 60-90 minutes prior to event to set up. You show up, happy cry, enjoy, make memories and thank yourself for booking with B&B! I give you a little bit of an overview, turn the Bluetooth speaker over to your use and leave you to enjoy. I return to the site 2 hours later to clean up and disassemble.                                                                     Gratuity is never expected but is welcomed for an above and beyond expectations experience! 

  6. You wrack your brain for the next thing to celebrate because you cannot wait to do this again!


What is included?

How long in advance do I need to book?

Picnics must be booked, agreed on with deposit paid at least 2 weeks in advance. Picnic requests within a 2 week time frame, if accommodated will be subject to a rush fee. 

What are these “add-ons” you speak of? 

Guests have the option of exploring additional services during picnics including but not limited to photography, charcuterie boards, cakes/desserts, possibly chair massage and even horse and carriage ride! All add-ons are nonrefundable, paid in full at time of booking, based on associated vendor availability and may not be available on the date you choose.

How long are picnics?

Standard picnics run for 2 hours and guests are expected to remain at site for the duration, so as to avoid abandoning valuables belonging to B&B.

What if I want more time? 

If additional time is desired, this must be communicated at booking and is subject to additional fees. Picnics done indoors may remain on site and picked up the next day for an additional fee.

What if it rains/snows/storms? 

It’s New England! I try my best not to cancel due to weather as it can be so fickle, but also cannot take the chance of guests being injured or inventory being ruined. Please see terms and conditions for details on weather policy.

Can I request a custom “theme” ?

I try to stay away from “theme’s” per say due to cost and limited storage space, but I will occasionally agree to themes, subject to additional prepaid custom costs. 

Do you do children’s parties?

I have, but it really depends on the child! B&B is a luxury picnic company. I have focused my inventory on antique and high-end décor which can be costly to replace. I do work with a few local charcuterie companies and bakeries but do not provide activities. 

I love your work, but I’m not into the sitting on the floor thing. Can you come to my dining room?

YES! Safety rules will be applied during pandemic* 

How many people can I invite to my picnic?

Blanket & Basket was designed to create memorable moments and connections for small intimate groups. For this reason, I have opted to max out my place settings at 6-8. Larger parties may be accommodated for additional custom charges.