terms and conditions


Pre-Booking Considerations

Please be advised that picnics are intended for adult guests. Minors of course are welcome but must be accompanied by a guest over the age of 18 for the duration of the picnic. Adult guests who complete booking will be responsible for the event in its entirety.

My goal is that picnics are enjoyable for all. Please notify me at the time of booking if there are special accommodations needed, including but not limited to wheelchair accessibility, other special seating needs, small children or food allergies. I will always try my best to be inclusive of all but due to the nature of the events, this may not be possible in certain locations, or accommodations may need to be made that will alter your experience.

Use of Equipment

B&B shall not be liable for any loss or damages to items during allocated event time. The guest shall be responsible for the security of these items at all times during the event. B&B takes no responsibility for any injuries sustained from the misuse of equipment.

Loss and Damage

Any loss or damages during the event are to be reported to B&B as soon as possible. An inventory of decor items and equipment is made upon delivery and will be checked upon the conclusion of the event and assessed for any damage within 24 hours.  Any costs incurred from damage or cleaning fees beyond regularly planned sanitization will be charged to the guest. 

The guest will be responsible for any costs incurred to clean, repair, or replace any items. Since many of these items are purchased at antique shops and may be difficult to replace, an assessment of cost will be made as fairly as possible at the discretion of B&B and communicated to the guest via email with request for compensation.  

Wet Weather

The Customer is responsible for selecting and securing a location for the picnic experience, including a back-up wet weather plan. B&B is based in Southern New England, which is often subject to rapidly changing weather conditions, be it rain, strong winds, or snow. I advise guests to have an alternate wet weather plan that will need to be communicated to me within 24 hours in advance of event. In the event of unexpected or extreme weather, the booking date can be changed at the discretion of B&B, and is subject to availability. In the unlikely event that B&B cancels an event due to weather, the guest will be refunded the full retainer. 

Time Allocation

As noted in your quote, standard picnics run for 2 hour periods. You must be present for this entire time for protection of B&B inventory. Should this time need to be shortened, you will need to call or text me at (508) 942-9482 and await my arrival before leaving (barring true emergencies). Inventory that is damaged or stolen due to abandoned picnics will be charged to guests.

Picnic time may be extended for a fee of $75 per hour but must be communicated at the time of booking. For the safety of B&B, picnics must be packed up in public spaces and can be no later than sunset due to restricted lighting.


I love seeing new areas! However, guests are responsible for a 0.56 cent mileage fee (2021 standard IRS rate) for any events outside of a 30 mile radius from Burrillville, RI.

Any parking fees will be added to total cost of your event.

Beach picnics incur a $100 upcharge.

Nonrefundable Booking Retainer

Once a date and location have been established, B&B will send a request for written acceptance. Acceptance of quoted event is considered confirmed via written confirmation by email between guests and B&B within 48 hours of quote.

In order to secure your booking, a non-refundable 50% of total cost retainer must be paid within 48 hours of confirmation email. Add on costs are due at booking along with retainer and are nonrefundable. Final remaining balance is due 7 days before the event. Please note that if final balance is not received 7 days before the event, your event will be cancelled, and retainer will not be refunded. 

Cancellation Policy

Things happen! I get it! Guests may cancel and reschedule an event 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event. Rescheduling for a cancelled event must be within 60 days of original event and is based on B&B availability. Any cancellation less than 2 weeks prior to event will result in the loss of the 50% retainer collected. I will do my best to accommodate rescheduling requests within the alloted 60 day window, but please be aware that this will not always be possible as days fill up quickly and are limited. 

Please note, prepaid fees for event add-ons are nonrefundable if cancellation occurs ANY time after the add-on(s) are ordered and/or booked. 

Food Safety and Alcohol Consumption

B&B encourages the guest to bring food items, non-alcoholic beverages, and alcoholic beverages where permitted. Please check venue or location requirements regarding regulations and permits before booking. B&B holds no liability and is not responsible for outcomes related to not following regulations or permitting requirements at the venue or location selected by the guest.

Per the States of RI DOH, B&B may deliver food items from an established food service for an additional charge. Any food items that are served will be provided fresh at the beginning of the event. It is at the Customer's discretion to decide if food is safe to consume, especially if not consumed at the start of the picnic if not being stored at the appropriate temperatures. B&B and associated vendors are not responsible for illness related to food consumption. We encourage the Customer to consume food items and drinks at their own discretion and risk.


Allergy information should be shared at the time of booking. Most charceuterie providers are able to work with food allergies, but anyone with a food allergy is encouraged to refrain from consuming associated vendor provided food items and should plan to bring their own food. The guest takes full responsibility of an any reactions or health-related outcomes related to items served by B&B and/or associated vendors.

B&B takes no responsibility for the consumption of alcohol and health-related illnesses or legally punishable outcomes.



Picnic at your own risk. B&B takes no responsibility for any bodily harm or injury sustained while arriving, during, or leaving the event.


Payments are accepted via cash, Square or Venmo.  

Use of Photos and Media

B&B reserves the right to use photos of creative work for professional purposes. Please inform us if you do not wish for this to happen at the time of booking. All creative work by B&B must be credited accordingly. All publications (media, print, blog, social media) must credit us and/or our vendors as the supplier of the concept and decor items. 

Any photos you or a hired photographer take during the event that you share with us may be included on our social media pages unless explicitly written otherwise.