About Us

Blanket and Basket RI is a pandemic baby of an essential healthcare worker, Jennifer Hopgood, FNP-BC. Born out of a need to help deliver joyful moments and happy tears instead of sad tears, the goal is to create beautiful memories and support personal connections in an unplugged, focused way that is also pandemic friendly. Tune out the rest of the world for a few hours and focus on happiness! The company is environment friendly and utilizes repurposed, recyclable or reusable materials whenever possible! I love to support other small businesses, particularly local to New England and woman owned!
What does this mean for you? 
As of this writing, B&B is a one woman show! I take care of the magic, you get the credit! All you have to do is find a reason to celebrate, pick a vibe, a spot and a date, show up, enjoy, make memories without distraction and leave with a long lasting beautiful experience under your belt (and ten instant photos as memorabilia). I clean up and dismantle the party, leaving the area just as I found it! 
The low down 
Picnics generally run for two hours. I work full time as a family nurse practitioner, have a husband, two young boys in school and sports, 2 dogs, and attend church on Sunday mornings! This means most availability will be evenings and weekends! 
Guests pick their own location for picnics but I can make suggestions! Popular spots so far include parks, living rooms, beaches, lake homes and of course backyards! I prefer to stay within 30 miles of 02830 but can go beyond ☺️
I work with a few local charcuterie companies that run about $50/2 people as well as a few local bakeries. I can pick up, deliver and set this up or guests are more than welcome to bring their own food. 

All picnics include comfortable pillows and cozy blankets (sanitized after each picnic) nestled around a personalized beautifully styled table scape complete with high end linens, place settings, cutlery if needed, and decor. EVERY picnic includes color coordinated non alcoholic beverages for all guests, a beautiful fresh flower arrangement, candles (LED for non open flame friendly locations), use of an instant camera with a film strip of ten photos to take home for memories, use of a Bluetooth speaker for the duration of the picnic (Pick an arrival song!), a non electronic game as well as a thank you gift! 
I have a few “vibes” to choose from but will always ask for a little bit of personal information about you and your guest to help me tailor it to you! Look closely for personalized surprises!
So.....What are we celebrating?!